Long haul flights can be a real pain. They are an absolute test of human patience, endurance, boredom and sanity all rolled in to one long series of queuing, sitting and more queuing. You are probably bubbling with a little anxiety before your flight before you even leave the ground which isn’t a great start, but flying without some items will make your trip even worse. Make sure you take these things with you if you have no other option than to subject yourself to a long stay in a small chair with hundreds of other humans.

Collapsible Water Bottle

This is a good one, depending on where you are flying from or to, the temperature will differ but either way if you are spending the majority of your day in the air you are going to need water. Having to wave down an attendee every so often is only going to be hassle for both of you and you will only be supplied with a tiny cup of the stuff. Bringing your own bottle means you can hydrate whenever and having one that folds away after means it wont take up lots of space in your already confined area.

Hand Sanitizer

There is something about being in proximity to so many people that gives you a spider sense for germs. I’m sure you can hear every sniffle and a cough from the other side of the plane, coupled with kids (and adults) eating sloppily, and the cheap plastic that makes up much of the furnishings you aren’t going to feel at your best. Take a little hand sanitiser to get rid of bacteria and at the very least ease your mind.


Bringing your own is a far better option than using the ones provided. Not only will you be comfortable with the fit already, whichever ones you bring they will be superior to the tacky, easily breakable throwaways from the 80’s that all airlines seem to have stockpiles of. If you have noise cancelling ones they will also double up as ear plugs for drowning out sound and can help you sleep if you put on some ambience.

Battery Charger

Unless you are a book purist your entertainment on flight is likely to come from one of your devices. The last thing you want is to be out of battery and have no games to play, no eBooks, to read or nothing to listen to podcasts on. Though some airlines provide power, you can’t go wrong with some extra in your pocket.


This may seem like an odd one, but if you are in a window seat retrieving items from your bag overhead can be an effort you don’t want every 30 minutes. If you take a hoodie to your seat you can use it as a multipurpose tool to keep you comfy. Roll it into a neck pillow for a makeshift headrest, use it as a quilt if you are cold and sleepy or fold it to use as lumbar support or to angle your laptop for typing – the possibilities are plentiful.