5 Things You Can Do On a Private Jet But Not On a Commercial Aircraft

5 Things You Can Do On a Private Jet But Not On a Commercial Aircraft

What truly separates a passenger’s flying experience on a private jet versus a commercial flight? Flying by private jet is not something that everyone can experience in their lifetime, but many aspire to be able to do so. Flying private is the epitome of luxury, and there are many reasons that people choose to fly private. Many people like their privacy and enjoy being able to relax while being waited on hand and foot. Of course, there are certain things that you can do onboard a private flight that you just can’t do when using a commercial airline. Here’s five things you can do on a private jet, but not when you fly commercial.

Arrive on time

When you fly privately, you can arrive five minutes before take-off or right on time and still make your flight. You don’t have to worry about arriving hours earlier, checking in, or going through airport security. You literally pull right up, get out, and board your private aircraft. I can’t even begin to remember all of the times that I arrived to the airport an hour or two early, only to be held up at security and barely made it to my gate in time. The luxury of pulling up to your private jet, unloading your baggage, and boarding without having to go through all of the airport nuisances is like nothing else.

Choose who you fly with

Choose who you fly with

When you fly on a commercial aircraft, unfortunately, you have no control over whom you’re seated next to. Whether you’re seated next to a person who smells like they haven’t bathed, a sneezing individual, or a crying baby, is out of your control. You just have to deal with it. However, when you’re flying private, you choose who you share the jet with. Whether you are traveling with friends, family, or colleagues, it’s completely up to you. If you want to travel alone and get some much needed alone time in, that’s your prerogative; it’ll just be you, the pilot, maybe a flight attendant, and the friendly skies.

Play real games

On regular, commercial aircrafts, you’re only able to play games via your smartphone or laptop using in-flight wifi. That can get pretty boring, extremely fast. Most times, when taking a flight, I resort to a challenging internet Scrabble game or an intense twenty-one game using my tablet. Alternatively, when you fly private, you have the luxury of playing real games with real people. You can bring all your friends on board and play any of your favorite table games and keep you occupied for the duration of the flight. You can be as loud as you want and as competitive as you want when flying private. It can really be lots of fun!

Dance / Exercise

Have you ever been on a flight where someone complained about the music being loud through your headphones? It’s happened to me plenty of times! Well, when you fly private, you can turn up the music as loud as you want and have it come through the speakers or sound system, and no one can tell you to turn it off. What’s even better than that? You can get up and dance to the sound of the music! That’s not something that you can do on a commercial flight because it’s mandatory that you must be seated for most of the flight, and even if you are allowed up, you don’t have much room in the aisles to dance. Another benefit to flying private is the amount of room you have onboard to get exercise in. If you are a fitness buff and don’t like to go without your exercise, exercising onboard your private jet is the perfect idea.

 been on a commercial flight


Ever been on a commercial flight and you’ve tried to fall asleep, but the passenger next to you has their light shining so that they can read? Maybe you’ve tried to lay back and relax, but you’ve had a crying baby behind you, kicking and screaming? Or have you been wrapped up in a blanket inflight because it’s just so freezing cold? There’s no way that you can relax in those conditions and circumstances. However, when flying private, you control all of that. You can literally take your shoes off, kick up your feet, and relax during your whole flight while being personally waited on by your flight attendant. You don’t have to worry about any annoyances from other passengers, the temperature, or any of those things. You have complete control over your flight experience so that you can relax and enjoy the luxury of flying privately to your destination. To me, there is no better way to fly than on a private aircraft.