Boeing is reported to be the largest aerospace company in the world today. The company does not only make planes but also equipment for the space industry. Our discussion will focus on Boeing airplanes. Most people have probably travelled on a Boeing at some point or other when they have had to fly long distances. Boeing is an American corporation that made the Forbes Global Fortune 500 list in 2017, based on sales.


Boeing Company began in 1910 when founder William E. Boeing bought a shipyard in Seattle Washington to form an aircraft company. The company became known as Boeing in 1917. Boeing produced what was to become the first modern airliner in 1933. By the end of the 1970s the 747 and 707 were common planes found making up most of the fleet of planes of different airline companies. In 1994 Boeing introduced the modern commercial airline that could carry over 300 passengers and that had three classes. This was the 777 which had a twin engine and was the longest-range aircraft of that time. The other notable feature of the 777 was that the entire aircraft had been designed by computer-aided design (CAD) which had never been done before.

At about the same time Boeing decided to improve on the 737 and produced the 737NG (next generation 737) which became a best seller and is still very popular today. It is a fuel efficient technologically advanced airplane that has been sold to many airlines throughout the world. Boeing introduced a 777 Freighter plane which was ordered by FedEx company and Emirates airline. Boeing also designed a jet named the 777-200LR Worldliner which broke records for completing the longest nonstop flight. In 2005 a Worldliner was flown nonstop for a previously unknown, 22 hours.

The Boeing 787

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a twin engine wide body jet that seats from 242 to 335 passengers. This plane was designed to have greater fuel efficiency than the Boeing 767. To increase fuel efficiency Boeing changed the architecture from traditional air and hydraulic sources to electrical. Some of the systems no longer use pneumatics or hydraulics which saves on power. The new system actually pulls about 35% less power from the engines compared with the old traditional system.

The 747-8 airplane is powered by four GEnx-787 technology engines. It can travel the distance of three soccer fields in 1 second. This plane is a wide-bodied plane and is one of the largest and longest commercial aircraft built in the world. This airplane can accommodate over 400 passengers and is used on intercontinental trips. It is in major competition with the other large aircraft, the Airbus A380.

At the Paris Air Show in 2017, Boeing unveiled plans for a new airline for 2025. It will have fifth generation wings and a fuselage of composite materials. The official project name is the NMA, the New Midsize Airplane which will carry somewhere between 220 and 270 passengers. Boeing has been a fixture of the airline industry since the beginning of commercial flights and they show no sign of slowing down.