Flying a plane is not something you start over. You have to be well trained and very experienced. Learn the craft requires a lot of patience, practice, perseverance and hard work. Flying an airplane is all about moving from one step to another till you become very experienced and ready to fly anything. You need to be sure of what you want to start with, is it helicopters, Boeing jets, small airplanes, or even jump jets. Your first time flying a plane will be something you will always remember; it’s going to be a memorable event. As a trainee, there are very easy aircrafts you should learn on. Below is a rundown of the most accessible planes you can learn how to fly.

CESSNA 172 (4-place)

Cessna 172 is one the most common airplanes used in flight schools. According to insider money, Cessna 172 is the most available aircraft to fly. There are varieties of this type of aircraft. There are 160-hp and 180-hp models with four-cylinder engines and fuel injector. Cessna also has 150-hp and 160 –hp models with a four-cylinder engine and 145-hp six-cylinder engines. Cessna 172 is one the very first aircraft you will be flying, and it is also a typical rental model. Learn how to fly a plane; you can always rent a Cessna 172 and have a lovely time.


It is an aircraft designed by the Champion Aircraft Corporation in the 1960s before they went out of business. Citabria was built for training pilots and also for acrobatics from which it got its name “airbatic” when spelled backward. It can hold up about +5g to -2g forces. American Champion Corporation currently owns the Citabria production line and since the 1960s over 5200 has been built. It is one of the most recommended planes for trainees.


Another small aircraft you can learn is the Schweizer 300CB. Schweizer 300CB was developed by Schweizer, an aircraft company in 1995. It has a low gross weight; a big cabin with enough room for elbow space and it is very comfortable.


A lot of pilots has had excellent experience flying a four-seat Piper Cherokee and the warrior. The Cherokee and the warrior are essential for every trainer to learn the art of flying. They are readily available at top-flight school and are ubiquitous rental models after the Cessna 172. Flying Cherokee/warrior is an experience you will never forget.


Cirrus SR20/SR22 is a very safe aircraft to fly. It is an airplane with a parachute and a very comforting cabin. Cirrus SR20/SR22 is well known for their alluring speed, modern features, and their appealing safety features. They are very easy to fly but a little bit expensive to rent than piper warrior and Cessna 172. Top-flight schools in the country use this aircraft to train the student. Flying a Cirrus SR20/SR22 is a must for every future pilot.