In this modern world of international business, every minute counts. One minute you may need to be in Asia, in a few hours’ time you may be required in New York. Time is gold; an investment in a private jet will be an excellent idea as you get to save yourself some extra time. Each aircraft has its property meaning that you have the chance to choose the best option from a wide range of selections. The light jet class was introduced by the Learjet 23 in 1964. Now, Jets now have a very bright type also called personal jet which is quite more comfortable and cost friendlier to run with less runway space needed. Small planes also have access to a vast network of smaller local airports. Here are some of the best small private jets out there.


The Bombardier’s business jet is capable of accommodating two crew members and eight passengers. The airplane, built by Wichita-based Bombardier Aerospace, the series is made on the earlier Learjet 55, with an added more extended body and increased engine power. Learjet 60 XR’s duo engines give the jet a top speed of 522 mph and a range of 2773 mile. The Learjet is also well known for its climbing rate with aircraft enabled to reach a high altitude of 41000 feet in 18minutes and 30 seconds. The XR is a variant equipped with an improved interior, aviation technology that started in 2007. Due to this jet’s capabilities, it is owned by several high-profile individuals all over the world and it’s also used in governmental and military roles.


Produced by Kansas-based aircraft company called Cessna, the Cessna Citation Mustang popularly known as the model 510 is a very light business jet. The Mustang has space for up to four passengers with two crew members. The jet was the first airborne in April 2005. The Jet features swept wings that are attached to lower part of the fuselage with this; the plane falls into the low side category. The Jet frame is significant of an aluminium alloy. The Jet is powered by the dual PW615F turbofan engine, the size of the jet is 40-foot 7 inch with a range of 1343 mile and a maximum speed of 480 mph. The aircraft is also capable of reaching an altitude of 41000 feet.


Built by Israel Aircraft Industries for Gulfstream Aerospace, the G150 was initially named the Astra SPX. The jet follows up from a design that was made in late 1960. The Astra SPX (third version in the series) was the first airborne in 1994. The Gulfstream took over Galaxy Aerospace in 2002 and the jet branded as Gulfstream G100 model for the public. The G150 as a size of 56-foot 9 inch, offers a top speed of 647 mph and can reach an altitude up to 45000 feet. The inside has a roomier interior with the option of 3 different setups with spaces to accommodate eight passengers. The jet is one of its class that provides optimum value.