Flying has been a massive part of the transportation since the last century, a lot of pilots have made their mark in the aviation industry by successfully landing planes in different and unfavorable conditions. Several pilots were known for just a single flight, and they all played a massive role in shaping the history of aviation. Some of them are now the source of motivation to young pilots and also to young kids dreaming of becoming a pilot. Here are some of the most excellent pilot whose molded them even if only for a short time are now household names.


Jimmy Doolittle is a speed plane racer and innovator who created a lot of speed records during the 1930’s, and he was widely known for his fascinating and spectacular raid on Tokyo. In 1942, when he headed a flight of about sixteen army bombers off the rolling deck of an aircraft carrier on a mission to Japan. Although the attack the not affect the Japanese much regarding damage, it gave the Americans a crucial morale boost during the hardest days of the war. The strike also earned him the Congressional Medal of honor. While the Raid regarded as his most famous accomplishment, one of his most significant contribution to the aviation industry came during the 1920’s when he played a useful role in the development of instrument flying now taken for granted today was essential when you talk about flying safety. He was not only the first man to take off and land in an airplane making use of instruments just he was also the first to perform a successful outside loop the loop in the history. A maneuver that most aviators considered as fatal.


No aviator in history is as famous as the Lucky Lindy. He was the first in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone, flying to Paris from New York in 1927 in a specially created monoplane. As a result of his unbelievable quest, he was as famous as a rock star during the 1920’s although some of his fame reduced in the later years when he questioned Americans entry in the World War II. After the Pearl Harbor attack, he became an ardent supporter of the war, and he even flew up to 50 combat missions in the Pacific theater, this made him regain some of his fame and reputation. Explicitly credited with shooting down one of Japanese aircraft near Ceram in 1944. Later, he became a devoted environmentalist, and he maintained his love for technology.


Few men succeeded the daring-do attitude of test pilots of the fifties and the forties just like Chuck did; he achieved fame for being the very first pilot to fly faster than sound in 1947. While we don’t see the supersonic speed as something special today, it is worthy to note that several men died trying to conquer this feat before Chuck. Another incredible part of the story was he made the flight with two broken ribs as a result of falling off his horse a day before. He also breaks other altitude and speed record as well as being the first American to fly the Soviet-built MiG-15, acquired in South Korea. He was also among the seven men chosen to be one of the first astronauts.