Gulfstream is an American company that designs and builds jets, primarily corporate jets. The headquarters are now located in Savannah, Georgia in the United States. The Gulfstream company was founded in 1958 by Allen Paulson but had its beginnings with the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Company which developed the very first Gulf stream aircraft called the Grumman Gulf stream.

The Gulfstream company

The Gulf stream jets are known for their sleek, elegant and clever design, spacious comfortable, customizable cabins and ability to fly long distances. Gulf stream jets became so popular that the company expanded with Gulf stream facilities now also located in Massachusetts and England. Gulf stream invested in research and development and developed bonding methods to produce light and durable materials to build their planes.

The flagship jet of Gulf stream is the G6050ER. This jet is a long-range aircraft that can travel nonstop for 13,900 kilometers. This fast jet can carry up to 8 passengers a distance of 11,853 km. Gulf stream claim that no other business jet can do this. The interior cabin can be customized for owners, so if they need a conference room on the plane, that can be provided. The cabin is spacious with comfortable hand-made furniture and plenty of storage space. The cruising altitude is above commercial jets at 15,545 meters.

The Gulf stream G6050

The Gulf stream G6050 can travel almost as far as the G6050ER. It can fly 8 passengers nonstop a distance of just over 11,000 km. It has a large wide and bright cabin with 19 panoramic windows to allow lots of light in. This jet also has well designed powerful engines. The smallest of the Gulf stream models is the G280. It is very easy to maneuver, climbs easily, and is generally faster than most commercial planes, often crossing the Atlantic Ocean about 40 to 50 minutes faster than many commercial jets are able to do. It can fly nonstop for 8 hours.

The G550 Gulf stream is very popular and can carry up to 19 people. It was awarded the Robert J. Collier Trophy for best in class business aircraft. It has sound suppression methods in place so that passengers do not need to hear excessive engine noise. This is obviously an advantage for businessmen trying to conduct business while on the plane, or if trying to sleep on the trip.

The G500 Gulf stream can travel nonstop for up to 9,630 km. It is the fastest aircraft in its class, flying at maximum speeds of Mach 0.925. Even with 8 passengers and luggage it is fast traveling at speeds of Mach 0.80. Typical of all Gulf streams it has a spacious interior cabin that can be customized into different areas depending on the needs of the owner. Interior carpets and furniture are all handmade and hand stitched for high quality. The flight deck has an Enhanced Vision System and infrared sensors. The G500 is also the first business jet to have an advanced data network setup which reduces cables and wires.

Gulf stream are certainly well-designed jets for the discerning businessman who wants to be productive and travel quickly and efficiently from place to place.