Today we take modern cities for granted, the metropolises we have constructed out of concrete metal and glass can be seen in each town with a dense enough populationWhat we forget about these places from New York to Hong Kong is that they were constructed around the transportation of the time. Cities appear on harbours and ports and the main roads that lead to these destinations quickly become the routes of more cities. In essence we have created our most concentrated populations around necessity for convenience, we live close to available hubs of commerce whether by land or sea, but today air is equally as important. Today millions of people use aeroplanes as a means of transportation to get themselves or their goods from point A to point B. In recent years this has encouraged developers to question whether we should start a new type of city – the airport city. With spots being lined up in china as their transportation and building facilities grow exponentially it is very likely we will see a purpose built airport city in the next couple of decades. What this means is that unlike the way many airports sit on the boundaries of a city, these new towns will have them at their center and construct all other facilities around them. This idea may not seem that helpful to those who fly irregularly, whereas for business people who fly multiple times a week this place could increase efficiency exponentially. If set up correctly this place and any others that replicate it could become a perfect spot for business meetings on the continent. Instead of having to fly from region to region to meet with different clients, a business centre could tie together endless companies and accommodate multiple meetings in the same localized area. This saves time, travel, money and the environment in the long run. It also makes life easier for guests like musicians and other performers coming to play a show and leave quickly. With venues adjacent to the airport instead of a lengthy drive away, artists can arrive, play and leave with no lost time in between. This sort of in and out behaviour can benefit anyone who has an opportunity in the airport city, whether it be business pleasure or otherwise.


The same idea would make tourism far more streamlined too, if theme parks, shopping districts and other features are in close proximity to the airport this allows for a more stress free holiday. With the technology available today flight schedules could be available from several spots around the town, meaning as long as you were within a certain perimeter, you could continue doing whatever you wish until your plane arrived. No hours waiting to check in, no sitting around as others board, essentially the airport would extend to many facilities all across town allowing for a live-in and play-in airport experience. With air being the primary transport for international tourism, business and more, the real question is; why haven’t we already started making more airport cities already?