Private planes are aircrafts that allow us to get the luxury and comfort that we may not get on a commercial airliner. Private jets have easy access to many more airports due to their versatile landing capabilities and modified routines. It allows people to get somewhere directly and quickly. Also, the primary feature of a private jet facility or terminal is the key and privacy access away from the public, efficient security screening and border control services or onsite immigration. Private jet airport varies from international airports in different and multiple runways to tiny runways in a remote location that gets you closer to hard to reach the destination. If you are looking for a place where you can fly your private plane, you should consider private jet facilities or terminals. Here are some of the best individual jet facilities in the world.


Farnborough UK is the only assigned business aviation centre in UK, London. The airport is also one of UK’s first operational airfield and also home to the first ever powered flight in the country. The Farnborough airport offers several functional benefits above and over other facilities in the UK. The airport’s dedicated nature is free from commercial traffic, and this gives private jet brokers the ultimate opportunity to meet client’s scheduling and requirement. They also offer direct airside access for vehicles that is one of a kind in the London area. The close airport proximity to central London gives it right rail and helicopter transfer connections. With all this put into consideration, their excellent quality of service and stunning architecture make it one of the best in the world.


Paris Le Bourget is a renowned airport with a vast history. The airport acted as the only airport in France for up to a decade. It shares the status of the dedicated business airport with Farnborough’s. It is the busiest airport in Europe and seeing up to 48,000 own jet movement last year. Le Bourget has three runways with an extensive selection of fixed-base operators on standby that carries good reputation to the industry. Also, the facility is slot-free, and it has a 24-hour operational status, although it brings some restrictions. The facility situated few miles from Paris, and this gives client easy access to the city.


Regarded as the most popular executive airport surrounding New York City, Teterboro is a bustling private jet airport in New York City. The airport has no commercial airlines, the airport across the river from Manhattan is the hub for financial industry, and a lot of private jet fliers live in Manhattan. Teterboro is home to around 94 charter aircraft and a lot of privately operated jets runway and a 7000 north-south runway. These tracks are long enough to support almost all sizes of jet traffic, but due to its closeness with other commercial airports, it often experiences delays.

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