To be able to fly an airplane through the sky is an incomparable joy, one that few in this world have experienced. Through history there have been many pilots from all around the world. Many have accomplished great things in their field but only a few of these pilots have become famous for their achievements.

The Wright Brothers

Possibly the most well-known of pilots, the American Wright brothers were the first individuals to fly a small aircraft that was actually heavier than air. They are perhaps most remembered for this achievement, but they also developed various innovative designs that significantly impacted the development of the airplane.

Charles Lindbergh

Now a days we take trans-Atlantic flights for granted, that is all thanks to one man. Charles Lindbergh had many great achievements in aviation, not least of which was flying nonstop from New York to Paris, crossing the Atlantic Ocean in May of 1927. This remarkable flight made him and his monoplane “Spirit of St. Louis” famous worldwide, achieving the first nonstop and first solo transatlantic flight. Lindbergh was also able to establish various routes for Pan Am airlines by doing various survey flights to determine the most advantageous course to take.

Charles Elwood Yeager

Also known as Chuck Yeager, he was an airman who established numerous records as a test pilot. He enlisted into the military where he was a United States Air force pilot during World War II and is best known for being the very first person to break the sound barrier which he did in October 1947. Yeager went on to break other flight records and flew many test planes. His flying achievements were so impressive that he was actually inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame in 1973. Chuck Yeager is considered by many notable people in America to be the greatest pilot of all time.

Albert Scott Crossfield

Albert was the first test pilot to fly at twice the speed of sound. He was a flight instructor and navy pilot who was hired by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics in 1950 to fly many newly designed airplanes. Crossfield was known for having bad luck and had many instances where he was nearly killed. He was actually the very first pilot to fly the X-15 plane.

Jean Mermoz

He was a French aviator recognized as a pioneer of many South American flights. In 1922 he joined the French Air force where he quickly established a reputation for being a highly skilled pilot. Then he went on to become one of the first pilots to fly over the treacherous Andes Mountains in South America and he later played a very important role in the early days of the Aeropostale Argentina airline company. Sadly, Mermoz disappeared at sea while on a flight on the 7th of December 1936 but will be remembered as the “French Lindbergh” for not only flights over the Andes Mountains but also many flights across the Atlantic Ocean. His bravery paved the way for many of today’s pilots.